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How do I use the portal? is the portal for “The Memory of the Alps” project, financed by Interreg funds from the European Union.  It aims to study, illustrate and transmit, particularly to the younger generations, the collective memory relating to the Alpine territories between Italy, France and Switzerland, and its cross-border dimension.

The portal is structured into two main parts: Areas of interest and Sections

Areas of interest
The portal is divided into 4 main areas of interest which correspond to the different reference targets for the project:

  • Institutional area
  • General and tourist information
  • Schools community
  • Centres for documentation and research

The main menu is organised by functional areas which divide the website into sections.  Each section offers a particular type of content, organised as follows:

Diary: appointments, seminars, meetings, conferences and anniversaries.

Activities: projects and case studies carried out locally.

Research: articles, interviews, studies and research whose contents are reserved exclusively for registered site users.

Itineraries: interactive map, itineraries and paths of memory

Multimedia: picture galleries, videos and video interviews, panoramas (QTVR) and audio galleries.

Taking part: forums, competitions, Wiki area, surveys, opinion polls and other opportunities for interaction.

News: practical information on cultural resources, institutions, publications, but also notices, press cuttings and newsletters.

The Project: motivations, goals, activities, coordination, partners and project documents.

Useful tools: software and any plug-ins required to consult multimedia contents, audio and video files, QTVR and interactive maps.

Links: list of external links to the site on topics and information relevant to the website, organised by nationality and sub-categories.

User area
When registering with the portal (for general users) or using the assigned user name and password, the site administrator (partners, teachers, researchers) assigns the user – with the latter’s consent – to one of the following four areas of interest:    General and tourist information, Institutional partners in the project, Schools community, Centres for documentation and research.

By registering with the portal (for general users) you are given access to the sections reserved for registered users, namely required to send announcements and proposals.  If a user is assigned to a specific area of interest, each time that he/she logs in, he/she can access reserved information associated to that area as well as the standard contents of the portal.

All the registration options and any data that is submitted can be modified by the user at any time by altering his or her personal details (in compliance with current regulations on privacy and the handling of personal data). 

Ways of taking part and interaction
The portal offers several options for taking part.  In order to make full use of them, you must register as a general user.  Registration with the portal is free and can be accessed quickly and intuitively. All data are protected in compliance with the statutory regulations for the protection of privacy.

Content creation

Every user is prompted to play an active role in the portal, proposing projects, events, educational resources and any other topic of interest.  All suggestions will be examined by the editorial staff and will be incorporated if deemed appropriate.

Surveys will be carried out regularly to stimulate participation and to discover the opinions of users.

Discussion forums
The portal offers the possibility of activating a variety of permanent forums dedicated to discussion and swapping experience. These are just some examples of forums proposed by site users:

* New project on the Memory of the Alps
* Meetings, exchanges and twinnings

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The Newsletter is sent by e-mail to the registered e-mail address.

Interactive map of itineraries
The interactive map is created using Macromedia Flash MX technology.  It consists of one or more “flash movies” which incorporate the map of the zone affected by possible questions regarding the itineraries (Western Alpine arc).

The interactive navigation options give users:

  • the possibility to select the areas and points that can be displayed (itineraries, places and historic sites);
  • the possibility to identify places where special events will be held. These events can be distinguished using a set of icons and the relative information from the data bank can be displayed;
  • the possibility to view data stored in the data bank for places on the map, in particular the stages on the itineraries; 
  • the possibility to enlarge or reduce the maps, using three different zoom levels.


Leader: Regione Piemonte – Department of Culture
Swiss Leader: Istituto di Storia delle Alpi - Università della Svizzera Italiana
Principle Partner France: Pierre Mendès France University, Grenoble
Coordination: Centro d'Iniziativa per l’Europa del Piemonte
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